Solar Panel Installation Phoenix

Solar Panel Installation Phoenix

If you're looking into the details about a solar panel installation in Phoenix, our experts from PEP Solar can answer your questions and help you check into incentives and financing options that make going solar more rewarding. Satisfied customers throughout the district have made us one of the top-rated solar companies in Phoenix. Before seeking out a solar panel supplier or one of the many solar installation companies in the community, spend a few minutes on the phone with a PEP Solar pro to learn about the benefits and rewards of switching to solar power.

Q: How can I choose from so many different solar suppliers in the Phoenix area?

A: Start slow; find a good solar company with a reputation for excellence among its customer base, then ask a lot of questions before moving forward with an investment. You'll find free resources and educational information online when you visit PEP Solar's website.

Q: Where can I find information that will help me understand how solar energy works?

A: Begin with PEP Solar's online Solar Learning Guide as a starting point. Read through our informative posts to learn how solar products and whole-home solar installations help local homeowners save money on their energy bills. We can assist with a solar air conditioning installation, solar storage options, a solar heater for your pool, or electric vehicle charging powered by the sun.

Q: What makes PEP Solar the number 1 solar panel company in Phoenix?

A: We receive high ratings from customers for many reasons; primarily, we don't try to push our products or services, rather, we spend time informing the community about how solar can benefit everyone and let solar's impressive advantages speak for themselves. If you're curious about how solar works and want to speak to one of our installation experts, feel free to reach out to us at 623-264-6888.

Q: How does solar work?

A: Solar panels and accompanying equipment convert pure sunlight into clean electricity for your home or place of business, all with no moving parts. With a quality solar panel installation in Phoenix, most homes can generate more power than they can consume on a typical sunny day in Arizona. When the sun goes down and your solar set-up is no longer generating power, you can draw less expensive power from the grid.

Q: Can I sell energy to the utility company?

A: A well-designed and correctly installed solar system will generate more electrical power than you need during the day and store the extra power in the grid, allowing you to use the electrical grid for storage rather than having to invest in a costly storage system.

Q: What are the financial benefits of switching to solar?

A: There are many advantages you'll experience from going solar:

  • Federal and state-level tax incentives and rewards
  • Peace of mind when the grid goes down
  • Monthly savings on your energy bills
  • The ability to sell electricity to the utility company
  • Financial security when the cost of electricity rises

Solar Panel Installation Phoenix
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