Vancouver Pest Control Companies

Vancouver Pest Control Companies

Most Vancouver pest control companies use a one-size-fits-all solution to handle pests of all types. At Avon Pest Control, we believe in offering specialized extermination and eradication treatments that do a better job of getting rid of insects and rodents once and for all. If you’re dealing with a pest problem or looking for prevention services to maintain a pest-free home or business, give us a call for an affordable solution.

Trust Us For Guaranteed Bed Bug Eradication

With bed bugs, the longer you wait to address the problem the more likely you’ll end up with an infestation on your hands that is difficult to manage. At the first signs of bed bug activity in your home or business location, contact one of our technicians for safe and effective heat treatment that kills adult bed bugs, nymphs, and eggs. Stopping the lifecycle is essential when dealing with bed bugs.

Lethal temperatures for bed bugs are very low, which allows us to use a safe temperature heat to kill the insects without damaging your property or belongings. It takes only 90 minutes of continuous heat to kill bed bugs and end an infestation, making heat treatment one of the most reliable and affordable methods of extermination.

Complete Pest Control Services

Bed bugs are not the only type of pest we deal with on a day to day basis at Avon Pest Control. As one of the most trusted Vancouver pest control companies, we have the equipment and know-how to manage rodent infestations, handle ant take-overs, get rid of wasps outside of your building, and provide solutions to any other type of situation you may be facing involving pests.

The first step in reliable extermination is to ID the pest, which is why we provide 24/7 dispatch to your location. We’ll provide accurate identification of the pest, allowing us to use the right method of extermination.

Eco-Friendly Treatment

One of the biggest myths regarding environmentally-friendly pest control methods is that they are ineffective or less valid than poisons- but nothing could be further from the truth. At Avon Pest Control, we use a wide range of extermination procedures that do not involve poisons or sprays, such as bait and trap, heat treatment, and additional products that will give you peace of mind without compromising on the effectiveness of the procedure.

Call Us First

For residential, commercial, institutional, and industrial service, we have the right solution to deal with every pest situation. If pesticides are not an option, call one of our technicians, and we’ll come out and create a customized plan to get rid of roaches, mice, rats, insects, bed bugs, or any other type of pest.

We’re available day or night to come out in response to your call. Feel free to take advantage of our website’s free resources to ID pests, learn more about home methods of eradication, and assist in determining when to call in a professional. While other Vancouver pest control companies respond during regular business hours, we'll come out any time.

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